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Tips for Indoor Plant care


Water plants according to need (when compost feels loose and dry). Give plants a good soak but don’t sit in water for more than an hour after watering. Most indoor plants are killed by over-watering!


Ensure your plant is potted with suitable indoor compost. Good pot-plant compost is loose, crumble, light and free from pests.


Plants should be potted in containers with holes for drainage. Without holes it’s difficult to know how much water to give your plant.


Indoor plants need well-lit rooms to thrive. Natural light can be substituted white/clear light bulbs. Do not keep your indoor plants under direct sunlight.


Use plant food as recommended by your garden shop. Manures are too harsh for pot plants. Over feeding will kill your plants. Indoor plants generally do not need much feeding due to reduced level of activity.


Keep indoor plants in well ventilated rooms, away from heat and draught. Do not keep plants in small bedrooms as they will compete for oxygen at night.

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